Monday, 19 September 2011

A visitor

I'm not sure who was more surprised, him or me. Hello, you're an iguana, how did you get in here? I asked him as he looked over at me reading my book on the couch. He wasn't such a big one but had big feet so I'm sure he'll grow into them. We played hide and seek, he won. I had him cornered then he ran over my feet and went in a direction I've not found yet.

I went out for the day, off exploring West Bay with Jane, and when I came home I half expected him to be waiting by the door. No such luck. Jane did check with a local and he laughed when asked how to get an iguana out of the living room. "You chase them out," he said. Yes, of course. Mmmmm where is he now? I'm sure he'll show and I will see signs if he hasn't got some secret exit. Iguana poo is quite large.

Jane and I had a nice drive around West Bay, not getting lost this time, and exploring the roads at the end of the road. There's miles of lovely white sand beaches, definitely a place to revisit for a Sunday afternoon laze. We caught a swim at Cemetery Beach, a lovely spot on Seven Mile Beach. We could see the fish swimming around in the clear water, a lot clearer than last time I snorkeled there. Nothing better than a soak in the sea then a lay in the sun.

Tiki Beach offered gin and tonics, we obliged. Something about a chilled gin and tonic after a hot day at the beach. I dropped Jane off and went to the small reserve near my place to get some iguana shots in the late afternoon light. They were catching the last of the rays high up in a tree, the shot was a bit far for my short lens and the other one was at home. The reserve iguanas come and go and are huge, a bit bigger than my visitor. Back to our game of hide and seek, maybe I should look up. They are good climbers.

The top of West Bay looking out to Stingray City, a lovely secluded beach to revisit

Gin and tonics after a hard day, Jane enjoying the view

Flat out like a lizard, well two sleepy iguana at the end of the day

Pick the '70s album title from the list at this restaurant
A PS to the iguana story. I was chatting on skype when I noticed him up on top of my curtain rail, hiding. After trying by myself to get him down, not wanting to risk a new hide and seek game, I knocked on my neighbours door. Adam looked a bit pale when I told him what I needed, his wife giggled a bit. Seems neither of them are very brave with our green friends! Adam brought his broom, I had the beach towel and we managed to get him out the front door. A clean catch and release! 

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