Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sailing away

What a weekend, action packed after a strenuous week. After procrastinating out of fear for a while, I said yes to racing on Bruce's boat in the regatta this weekend, I think it was the Governors Cup. I was so nervous, even if I was just to be ballast. That means moving from side to side as the crew do all the work. It turns out that I also got to do some work, as well as hanging out over the side as we flew down the course with the spinnaker in full flight.

Yahoo, the boat I raced on, courtesy of the CISC website
It was a blast, much more than I expected as the winds on the second day picked up to levels that had us all  using our weight to stop the boat from broaching. The racing was tight, we were within shouting distance and shouting did happen. Not where I was with the laid back crew of Amanda, Chris and Bruce. The Cayman Islands Sailing Club is an inclusive place where they welcome newbys like me. The Saturday after match was fun, getting to know some new friends, like the birthday girl Amanda, better and meeting new people.

The racing ended a little early due to the lightening storm so Yahoo took a Sunday sail away from the weather, cruising in around Governor's Harbour looking at the flash houses and their sea transport moored out front. I rather liked one place, would do me for a mansion. Heading back was fun, playing out on North Sound then heading in for beer and pizza. A good weekend out all round. 

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