Friday, 23 September 2011

Itchy feet

I'm not particularly good at being sick, especially taking a day of work to wallow in it. Today getting out of bed was a struggle so I stayed put and slept on and off most of the day. Must have needed it, just wish my throat didn't feel like it was on fire. I woke at some time and thought that at least I could get caught up on my home stuff, not really. I did get a chat with Di, fantastic to have a catch up and hear about her exciting plans. A road trip was mentioned, not sure how soon I'll be able to get back to the UK or Europe. Road tripping in the Caymans is more like a day trip.

Muzz is off having an exciting trip, in the south of France right now cycling. A real road trip. He's revisiting some of the places we visited on our 2004 trip, I'm very envious. He may spot a few lions. These ones are in Arles, the pic taken in 2008. My 2004 camera went for a swim in Pamakkale so there's not many photos from that trip. All this talk of travel is giving me slightly itchy feet, I do remember my not on a plane for a while comment in July. That was a while ago. Jo and I have a trip to Miami planned, a shop till you drop trip. I'm just looking forward to seeing the sights, although I could do with some new clothes and shoes.

Back to Pamakkale. It's an amazing place, glaring white in the sun with tepid water flowing over natural pools. The minerals hang like stalactites from the pool above, the drips over the years forming mineral towers. People were swimming there, it was hot but somehow swimming didn't appeal. That was until I was looking when I should have been watching and I slipped and fell into a pool. I landed on my camera, it was never the same after that trauma. Walking back to the hotel, I was chatting with an Aussie girl, bemoaning my wet backside when a man ran out of a shop and shouted at me to stop showing him my skinny bottom. He yelled that he liked "bums as big as washing machines"! We were a bit worried until he smiled, we laughed with him. Seems like tourist baiting livened up his day.

So it's work for me tomorrow. Still an enjoyable place to be with heaps to do and the feeling that things are moving forward at a good pace. Then the weekend promises some yacht racing. I was watching, now I'm ballast. I'm not so sure about that, I may end up over board from some of the race stories I've been hearing. Traveling again will come soon, South America my next place to explore. In the mean time I'll think of my traveling friends and family and sigh occasionally, wishing I could join them for at least some of their journeys. 

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