Friday, 9 September 2011

Cockroach moments

A windy weekend on South Sound
I had a cockroach moment tonight that made me laugh and brought back some memories of cockroaches past. There was a rather large one in my bathroom this morning, lying on his back having a rest. I thought he was dying, couldn't quite bring myself to squash him, so off to work I went. Feeling a little bad about not putting him out of his misery. Some might say that a cockroach might not know misery, I'm not sure. The Buddhist in me disagrees.

I got home tonight, went for a run and a swim and came home to the same roach in my bathroom. Still upside down, dead I thought. But no, when I went to pick him up to throw him outside he leaped up and ran all over the bathroom and bedroom with me in hot pursuit. He was fast, I was faster and managed to catch him in a plastic bag. He escaped a few times and ran up my arm, but outside he went eventually. I still have to retrieve the bag.

Now, I've been seen chasing cockroaches before today by Nina and her kids and by other dinner guests in the UAE. It caused a stir and talk of witches then. Georgina and Phillipa looked at me funny for a while until they realised I was just a little different and not really a witchy type. There's nothing wrong with catch and release, even with roaches. I'm just hoping my neighbours didn't see me in my state of undress leaping around the room after said roach. I'm not sure how they feel about witches here.

And this is one of the views on my run, tough aye
About the running, I've realised that I need to do some exercise. My scales are telling tales, I suspect they are stuck on too heavy. I'm enjoying a great lifestyle here with lots of lovely food and drink but my job is more sedentary so it adds up. Jo, Char and I are apparently doing a triathlon on I'm running on Sunday at 7am, quite improbable that I'll be coherent at 7am. Running 1.5 miles might just be a bridge too far, I must learn to say no sometimes. 

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