Friday, 5 August 2011


What a day, one of those best not talked about today. A gin and tonic day really. Unlike my two day birthday. I've had a lovely celebration including the best part, talking to my family. Noah likes to say hi then shut the lid on flat grandma. Eve is happy to coo and talk to me from her play mat. They are both so very cute and precious and together in Brisbane for the first time. Cousins meeting. Brothers who are fathers spending time together.

Renee is an excellent baker, she made me an upside down pineapple cake for my birthday. It was huge and able to be shared with my new colleagues. I seemed to have a lot of male colleagues in my office seeking cake, Renee's yummy cake. One even asked me today if there was any left, nope I had the last piece for breakfast. The best thing was the card my team made for me. They looked for photos of me and didn't find many, I tend to hide behind my camera. They found this one taken by Katherine and printed it for my card. It's one of my favourites, on top of the world in Oman. An excellent choice.

Some of us went out to dinner on my first Cayman birthday and then to see the last Harry Potter. 3D apparently. Luckily one of the group realised we needed glasses and went off to buy them. I enjoyed the dinner, enjoyed the company and enjoyed the movie, the trifecta.

So here I sit, down loading so I can sleep well after a stressful day. I have missed my exercise all this week, missed swimming tonight, so feel like I need some strenuous exercise. Maybe tomorrow but more likely the weekend. Two more sleeps till the weekend, roll on! 

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