Monday, 8 August 2011

Sunday night

Another weekend done and dusted. I'm waiting up for Elaine who is coming in from the UK, via Miami, tonight. True to form, Miami Airport was a struggle but her plane was delayed so no inconvenient over night stay. I'm listening for the plane then leaving home. It's very close, one good thing about being in such a small place.

We went out sailing this morning, in perfect conditions, to have some race practice. I think I get why I have to do the things I do when trimming the main sail and gybing and tacking and putting up the spinnaker. Today most things went well, not the spinnaker putting up, but most other things. I've learnt that my dragon boating muscles need to return so I can take up the slack in the ropes quickly. That shouldn't take too much time. Apparently the next outing I'm on the foredeck. I've had one go in light winds, not sure I'd like it in heavy winds. The feats of balance and agility might just be past this grandma.

On Saturday we went shopping. There are a surprising amount of shops here, not obvious to new comers but known by those who have been here a while. There are, thankfully, no malls or McDonalds. I managed to do some damage and stock up on work clothes. I now need a pair of shoes to go with the brown skirt and jacket, Miami for a shopping weekend has been mentioned. We're also looking into a weekend trip to Honduras to go exploring, that sounds more like my speed.

Anne got some photos of today's outing and hopefully she will send some to me to post. I've been very slack about getting out and about with my camera. With working such long hours, weekends are the only time and I spend more time socialising than taking photos. Most of my UAE crew are heading back to work from their summer hols, I'll miss the photos and stories of their summer adventures. Best get to the airport, can't wait to catch up with Elaine and see how she enjoyed her time at home and in France, sigh, Europe seems so far from here. Here's treat from Sicily, 3 young lads with amazing talent.

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