Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Normal transmission

Will resume soon. I've been flat out, mostly at meetings and on the computer leaving me very little head space for writing. Going out yachting every weekend take time, especially the lovely socialising after. I should have some pics from that soon from a couple of people who take their cameras, mines not water proof enough I suspect. Funny how being on the computer, brain full on all day takes away my motivation to get on it in the evenings.

I'm loving here, getting into life and finally some good exercise. I've begun spin classes, have my yoga and trimming the main sail takes care of the upper body. Not sure how I'll go racing, that was mentioned last weekend as we watched the best crew go through their paces. I was very impressed, and a little depressed realising just how slow I was moving around the boat. Practice is the key. Two outings a weekend, each moving through the paces a bit quicker and who knows.

So I must go to work now, I've got a launch to prepare for logistically and emotionally. The Unit have worked really hard to get things rolling here, now we present to our public. Fingers crossed for a positive response. I'm thinking of all my New Zealand friends, enjoy the snow. It looks very beautiful, cold but beautiful! If Keri agrees, I'll publish some of her pics here. She is a talented photographer and has some wonderful shots of the winter wonderland. 

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