Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Long distance birthdays

Yeah right!
Long distance birthdays are odd, they make you very aware of time zones. My first birthday wish came from Jane who shares my birthdate, well the day and month anyway. One of the many born on or near 3 August that I discover around the place. There are two that I know of in my current workplace. Maybe Leos are the education people, actually I suspect it's because we are a little bossy that we are in education!

There have been happy birthday messages all day from various places around the world as the world turning awakens my friends to a new day. Social networking makes the world a much smaller place, imagine still having to send cards and aerograms. Facebook has helped us to follow each other and not lose touch, very important. I've heard from a couple of friends I haven't heard from in a while this week via email too. One is a reader who doesn't leave messages, but that's okay I get them through email instead.

Then there's Linked In, the networking site that I've joined. I get some odd friends requests, people who want to network because we have have something to offer each other work wise. I'm not so sure about that, I have just included friends who are elsewhere. With all the changes in the Middle East, and the summer holidays, my friends are well scattered. I got to talk to Sue via skype phone and Tracey is in the place I'd like to be, Brisbane. All my sons and their families are there, I'm hoping to skype with them soon.

So tomorrow will dawn as my actual birthday. The rest of the world will have passed that date. I have plans, work for the day then dinner with Jo and Kim and a movie, Harry Potter I think. It's been a while since I've been to the movies so I'm looking forward to it. Apparently the theatre is over air conditioned, arctic temperatures just like in Al Ain, so I will remember my coat and pashmina. Happy birthday Jane and all the other August 3 Leos, enjoy where ever you are in the world.


Di said...

Hey there, Happy Birthday!!!! from us over here in Belgium. We were talking about you over breakfast this morning. Chris's mum is staying for a while and we were catching her up on everyones news.
It's been lovely. She's known me since I was 17, it's rare I have someone who has that knowledge of me around me out here in the world.
Anyway, all the best things for the year ahead of you xxxx

Jule's Short Story said...

Thanks muchly.
It's been a long birthday with all the time zones! I got to talk to most last night on skype so all good. I remember your ma in law, fantastic to have her to stay and spend time with family.
Listening to Liam Finn, an iTunes gift from Muzz. Loving the kiwi music.
Take care xxxx