Thursday, 14 July 2011

Simple fix, yeah right

There have been a few developments since Saturday in the TV saga. It always seems to happen, you ask a bloke to take a look and he manages to fix the problem. Quite quickly, fancy that. Brad and Kim brought Jon to visit so Brad got to fix the telly while he was here. Jon enjoyed watching the Wiggles on my mac, why do kids love them so much, while the adults swapped holiday stories. Both of us had been home for a short stay.

I persevered with the telly for a while after they left, hoping to get a programme in before bed. Alas like all external aerials, it needed me to hold it for any sort of picture. My patience with things like that is not exactly legendary so I found a DVD to watch, the Top Gear Vietnam special. My frustrations were soon forgotten as I laughed at the antics of three English blokes negotiating Vietnam on a different form of transport than usual. They really are funny in an inane, things that boys do, way. And because laughter is good for the wrinkles, they managed to get me laughing.

So I now have a plastic box with electric string and some metal extrusions out the top or out the side or upside down as an ornament in my big ugly white cabinet. Sigh, at least I will get more done without TV, after all I've lived without it for a number of years now. And there's the rest of my Top Gear CD. I did get a small fix at Kim and Brads as Jon and I spent an evening together playing. America's Got Talent, mmmm maybe I'm better off without TV.

I do have a new work lap top, straight from the box and still very shiny. Getting some work done tonight was a pleasure as I didn't have to stay late at the office. I came home while it was still light, enjoyed my clean house for a minute then went for a swim. Very nice to walk a few meters and be able to do a few lengths of the complex's pool and relax. It's okay here really.

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