Monday, 1 August 2011

Saturday night in Cayman

Had a lovely night out last night, a quick email around friends and 8 of us went out for dinner at the lovely Agua Italian restaurant. We'd been there once before and the menu really needed further exploring. I suspect I could eat there every night of the week and still enjoy new tastes, totally superb food all round. It was there that I actually decided to explore getting my long hair cut. One of the servers had a style I really liked and as another week of sticky weather passed, I decided that I really needed to do something about my mane. I'm now much more streamlined for swimming on Thursday. I might even manage more than 1000m.

We had the best meal, lots of chat and slow dining and Brad wasn't the only boy. Round tables are great for conversation, this was one a good size so we all got to interact. The seafood at Aqua is stunning. I had shrimps and gnocci and huge mushrooms stuffed with crab. Others had black pasta with an amazing array of seafood. One of the new arrivals, newer than me, has the same diet as me. We can order for each other and share food, a bonus when only one of us can read the menu without glasses.

We finished dining quite late. We had noticed that it had been raining with lots of lightening and thunder but really didn't notice it that much. Outside was a bit of a mess, the dancing venue closed due to the flooding and lakes of water everywhere. One friend was wandering along the beach to meet us, we ended up at his place for drinks. Wading through the lakes in heels after a few is not that advisable, mine got quite wet on the way in, so I wandered bare foot, splashing with them in my hands on the way out. Liberating.

Dancing will have to wait until another night. My new look went down well, it always looks best when the hairdresser has just styled it. I got some product so I can make the attempt but I suspect after sailing and swimming today it won't quite look the same. But it will be easy to dry and keep out of my face when the wind blows and I'm trimming the mainsail. Yes, it's that short. I just hope my hat stays on with nothing to pin it to. 

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