Sunday, 10 July 2011

A lazy Saturday

I took my time rolling out of bed this morning, laying and listening to that restful rain on the roof. Reflecting on the past few weeks and the whirlwind of travel, family, friends and new learning. It's nice to be able to stay put for a while. The week has been one of catching up. Still haven't caught up on the house work, never mind I should have someone to help me with that next week.

I dawdled through breakfast, sighing at the Crusaders loss to the Reds in the super 15 rugby competition, thinking I must get the TV working so I can keep up with the local and international news. Leaving the house I was surprised to see a friend on the door step. My friend was also surprised to see me and as we locked eyes for a nano second, me thinking where's my camera, no one will believe this and him thinking, friend or foe, we were both very still.

I've not seen many snakes up close and personal and didn't have enough knowledge to be afraid. He was a bit over 3 feet long, thin and a dark brownish colour. He looked a bit like this so I suspect he was a harmless racer, well harmless to me. He did flatten his head, I thought I'd imagined that! Bemused, I went on my mission to buy an indoor antenna for my TV and he raced off though the garden.

I kept a careful look out for my friend on the way home. I've come home to a few tropical bugs in my house including a rather large, scary looking spider I had to spray earlier in the week. I wonder if he could come in and eat the bugs, not sure that's such a wise idea. I was surprised to see a light green frog on my door screen the other morning, on the inside. I caught and released him outside.

There's a new development just down from me that has an open home today so Jo, Charlene and I have planned a visit. It's very plush from the outside so I'm looking forward to seeing the actual condos. So here I sit with a freshly brewed coffee and the local newspaper. The tele antenna didn't work, maybe I need someone with a bit more patience for things electronic to tune it in. Maybe I'll just enjoy the paper.

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