Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's the weekend!

On this sunny Saturday I sit here reflecting on the week, full and satisfied after a breakfast of plantain, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs. Reflecting on breakfast, pretty much my favorite meal of the day. I'd seen plantain in the shops here, a banana like fruit, and not known what to do with it. Some commented they liked it green, some liked it ripe, all said it was something to be cooked. I left it with the other fruit and vege until I got fed at Young Island Resort. Yum, I'd discovered another breakfast food.

Plantain cooked by proper cooks tastes a bit like those lovely pink yams we get in New Zealand, the ones I used to call little boys toes when I had little boys to delight. The reality was that I really didn't like to share them. I've never found them anywhere else in the world and although people have told me I was eating yams, they were more like sweet potatoes but not as good as kumara. No lovely mushy, sweet bits in the middle. I have been known to cook a pan of yams and just have those for dinner.

Riper plantain fried lightly is delicious alongside the usual cooked breakfast food, a nice mix of sweet and savory to be savored in an outdoor dining space with the sound of waves breaking on the shore. Not quite at my place but I did manage the outside dining, in the sun, despite it being a sticky 28C here at 8am. Now I'm almost ready for a busy Saturday, as soon as I move myself from where I am. With everything shut here on a Sunday, the day of rest, worship and family time, I have to get things done today.

Shopping for food is top on the list although I don't seem to eat in much. I've got dinner guests on Sunday night, two who have been here a shorter time than I have. Last night I ate at the local Italian. Casanova's is consistently good and their risottos rival Tim and Sarah's. The night before it was Sunset House and a much needed G&T with my snapper. Work consumes an amazing amount of my time, the set up phase needing much multitasking and critical thinking. Eating happens after that, after late meetings and motivating conversations.

Now I must fly and shower to ward off the stickiness for a short while and get myself to the supermarket for some more plantain, I'm sure it will be nice in Sunday nights curry. I also have to write a to do list as I tend to get side tracked easily. Today I plan to go to the local dog rescue place, the Humane Society, that has a second hand book store and swap the many I've read for some new ones. I hope there's a Jo Nesbo there to get lost in and I hope that I don't take away a dog as well. They like volunteers to walk the dogs, I suspect I'll volunteer today. Photos just may follow!

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