Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Home again

It was fantastic to land on Grand Cayman on Saturday afternoon. It would have been more fantastic to have landed on Friday night as planned. But no, enter American Airlines again. Mechanical trouble led to us being stranded at Antigua. There was also a massive rain storm, complete with thunder and lightening that made us a little relieved we were waiting. For once I had company during my wait, Cindy and Sarah from Bermuda were in the same predicament.

We hung out, eating whatever food we could find, surfing the net and chatting. It was quite restful in an odd, I'm stranded therefore I'll miss my plane, no use worrying about, it kind of way. I had sort of resigned myself to staying over in Miami by the time we landed but I thought I'd make a last ditch attempt to make my plane. The home land security lines were horrible. I asked, got sent to a long line, waited awhile then asked another person. She was helpful, got me through quickly and off I raced with my bag to Cayman Airways.

The odd thing is that flying through the USA you have to get your bag and recheck it at the first point of entry. I have no idea why this is, and I'm not sure it's worth questioning, but it makes moving around a whole lot more difficult than it needs to be. I arrived at the counter as the plane was taking off, the staff there very apologetic. Plan B, rebook, get a hotel voucher and find somewhere for the night and more importantly something to eat.

The American Airlines queue was about four hours long and it was already almost 10pm. I noticed a number, called the airline and booked for the next day. The day had been a long one, from 9am until 10pm for two flights of one and three hours repectively, crazy really. Cindy and Sarah were staying at the Hilton so I caught a bus there, booked a room and we had a lovely meal. Clam chowder and crab cakes with a GnT and excellent company, who could beat that at 10.30pm!

In a quiet moment I worked out that since I left Dubai on 14 April, I have had 19 flights. Fifteen international, two across the USA and two within the Caymans. I've used six different airlines two of whom I'm reluctant to fly with again. That's a heap of flying and even more time spent waiting to fly so I suspect I'm staying put for a while.

I'm back home enjoying relaxing at my place and reflecting on a whirlwind trip to Aussie and New Zealand and all the associated travel dramas. I've learnt some lessons so next time will be better. Jo picked me up at the airport then took me out on the water the next day, very relaxing and enjoyable although the wind was a little quite for speed. Today I spent the day in the office, while others were on holiday, catching up on the loose ends so tomorrow won't be so frantic.

The photos are team Bermuda and I lunching and the lily pond at St Mary's Catholic Church in Kingstown, St Vincent.

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