Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Driving home

I was driving home from the quiz at the Lone Star tonight and this song came on the radio. I YouTubed it and enjoyed it again. Adele's voice is one I like, the emotion that comes through in this clip. Enjoy.

PS We did okay in the first round, it went down hill from there. 


Di said...

I adore Adele at the moment ... this song is a particular favourite. I've been working to it since finding her in Italy.
Be happy, be strong pver there in that lovely life of yours.

Jule's Short Story said...

Yes, not often something grabs me from the white noise that is the radio station but I loved her voice.
Enjoying being home in my own space with my bags unpacked. Not up to another travel adventure right now, mind you Italy sounds good. I was talking to some Italians from Verona and a small place near Venice in the US immigration line. Lovely folks who loved that I knew their country.
Take care xx