Tuesday, 14 June 2011

On holiday

Brisbane is turning out to be a bit of a treat. Nick came up from Melbourne, a lovely surprise, and I'm getting heaps of grandma time with Eve. She is small and very cute, very alert and knowing. She relaxes into my arms, over my shoulder and burps on cue. She is wide eyed and alert and mostly in control of her movements. Eve is a delight, she knows who is who in her world and that her needs will be met.

We caught the city cat on Monday and wandered around South Bank with the hordes out enjoying the  public holiday. I haven't been to South Bank for years and was amazed that it has recovered so well from the recent floods. We had a discussion about the bloke pictured below, he was just hanging around above the crowd. One of us thought he might just be one of those statue buskers, the others mocked and laughed. I'm still not completely convinced myself. 


Di said...

Jaysus, you could have warned me the boys were all grown-up. I may need some counselling after viewing this shot. Congrats to all involved, looks like the line continues in good ways ;-)

Jule's Short Story said...

Yep, those boys became men. Still wondering how that happened too. Eve is beautiful and I'm enjoying this family time. Take care :)