Saturday, 25 June 2011

Manhattan Beach

Bay Watch anyone? I'm sure they must have filmed it on this lovely beach. I spent time wandering in the cool sunshine, sitting on the pier watching the surfers strut their stuff, dodging the pier supports as the rode the reasonable sized waves to the beach. Must say I was a little envious, it was really much too cold for me though. The trolley bus mentioned earlier took me to this place, through traffic that was as determined to get where it was going as the set faced drivers.

I was really hungry by mid afternoon. I had somehow managed to get a Premium seat on Qantas so had lovely food and service and a comfy seat. Just as well as I was still feeling a bit peaky after a tummy bug that I suspect came from the liquefaction dust and muck in Christchurch. It was an odd flight, having to sleep too early for me then when I needed to sleep, landing at LA. All good though and I can't fault Qantas. They are a very professional airline with excellent staff. I will be flying with them as often as I can.

Back to being hungry. After enjoying the fresh air and a walk, I found a lovely restaurant on the street above the beach. Old Venice had a menu with Greek and Italian food, I chose Julie's Pene (thought the name was apt) a delicious mix of flavours including coriander, artichoke, mushrooms and tomatoes topped with large shrimps. Very healthy too. I inhaled most of the plate without breathing out and then groaned a bit. I'm still full. Another myth exploded for me, there is good quality food here. In fact there were heaps of nice restaurants in that strip and I didn't see any fast foods.

So as I sit writing, almost ready for sleep and the next leg of my journey to Miami tomorrow, I'm reflecting that I've enjoyed this small taste of LA. I think I might stay longer next time and go further afield than I could in just a few hours. I'm heading to a conference in St Vincent so a night in Miami then off island hopping to the Grenadines. Although I'm really pleased to be going, the timing is not perfect. I feel like I need to unpack, catch up at the office and with friends and get a couple of good nights sleep at my place. That will have to wait until Friday. I think I might tote up the flying I've done since I left the UAE on 14 April, there's been a few journeys. 

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