Monday, 6 June 2011

I have wheels

It's been a nice weekend, a peaceful weekend where I've managed to tick off a few of my to do list items. My bike is now mobile, the back wheel that gave me so much grief is in and working. I had a roll around on the driveway of my complex feeling very smug. I won't say exactly how long it took me, or the underhand methods I used, but it felt good to be on my wheels after such a long break. I suspect the break through came when I figured out that putting the bike up the right way would make things easier. I plan to do some riding when I come back from my Aussie/NZ trip, can't wait.

I'm off to Brisbane on Thursday, well the trip starts Thursday and ends on Saturday morning, to meet Eve. And to see her mum and dad of course. I thought I was coming closer to home coming to the Caymans and the flights are shorter. It's the stop overs that make the trip a bit tricky and I just love hanging out for hours in airports. That novelty wore off a while ago. I've got a lot of time in LA and may just risk leaving the airport, we shall see. After my Miami saga, I'm not sure that US airports are that user friendly. On the way back I'm staying in LA the night, works better for my connection home. I'm quite looking forward to having about 20 hours there, just enough to see if I want to return.

I made blueberry muffins tonight. It's been a while since I baked and they turned out well. There is a plentiful supply of early summer fruit here, all the berries and so very fresh. The mangoes, local mangoes, are particularly good. They grow on trees around here, tress laden with the fragrant sticky sweetness that are fresh mangoes. The ones we buy in New Zealand are bland and stringy, the ones here are just delicious. I realised this morning that I always stand when I'm eating mangoes. They're not easy to eat many places other than over the kitchen sink.

I did experience a place where they are even more delicious. Eating mangoes in the sea is the very best way to eat them, the mix of sweet and salty. The best way to eat them in the sea, I've had lessons from the locals after I amused them with my unorthodox methods, is to bite out the top and then squish the soft insides up through the hole. I need a little more practice and there's never a shortage of mangoes when I'm out and about.

They do cause some strife here, people debate over who has the best tree, which breed are the nicest and who makes the best mango jam. This can lead to mishaps. One of my friends shared with me some of the stories passed about here, like the one where two neighbours had a machete incident because one took the other's fruit. Growing up we enjoyed other peoples fruit too, that was the best sort. 

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