Sunday, 5 June 2011


Well it's just what you do on a Friday after a busy week. Mine's the GnT in the foreground. The sunset is the one we watched from our bar perches. The Friday crew are a Canadian, an American and a new friend fresh from the UK. Add a kiwi to that and I'm sure it has the makings of a joke. The bar is a lovely place where many people do Friday night drinks, apparently if you get there early enough there is free food. We usually only manage the bar snacks.

There is also Tarpon feeding there at 9pm. Tarpons are a scary looking, very large fish that make me think twice about swimming anywhere near the restaurant strip. They love to be fed and seem to know when to come to the light. Small children feed them, sometimes they jump and so do the kids. Amusing but we had gone before feeding time this night. There are photos just in case you think this is one of my tall stories, see told you they were big.

I got home a little later than I had planned as I had another social engagement, much to the amusement of my friends. You see I've been here five weeks now and I have social engagements stacking up, what can I say. The second occasion was with the lovely people I went out on the boat with. We had a nice time eating, drinking and dancing by the side of a canal. It rained a bit, warm, sticky rain that freshened the air and made us retire to the dry places. It was a lovely, relaxed night out with people who are fast becoming good friends. 

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