Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The best laid plans

A while ago I vowed and declared that I would not catch the flight from NZ to Australia that leaves at 6am. And I haven't until tonight. I carefully chose my Virgin Blue flights so I could have the maximum amount of time in Christchurch, that's now been cut short by most of a day. I had to rebook on Air New Zealand, thank goodness I could as I have to make my Brisbane LA connection. I'm not impressed.

It seems that the other airlines won't change their flight paths to accommodate the ash cloud from that volcano in Chile. Air NZ are choosing to fly under it, safely as New Zealand does things safely. Well I certainly hope so anyway. I will miss valuable time with the gorgeous Noah but will get added time with Eve in Brisbane. Right, procrastinating now so best I get myself packed and off to bed. The taxi comes at 4.15am, I'm not at my best then or for the next few hours after then so please be kind to me or I might just be unpleasant to deal with. Who me? So not a morning person, sigh. 

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