Sunday, 8 May 2011

A quiet Saturday

I needed a quiet Saturday, everything has been full on for the past few weeks. I'm now in my new house in Southern Skies, very nice to feel settled after living out of a suitcase. My stuff from the UAE has arrived on the island after a big delay after BA embargoed goods from the UAE. Not sure why or why they accepted my freight and then left it there. I'm not very impressed. Apparently it had to be rebooked with some other carrier, got stuck in Paris, not a bad place to get stuck really, then held up in Miami. Apparently customs here have to check everything, that's the latest delay. Monday I should be able to unpack? One would hope. I'm missing my teapot.

Having no goods arrive has caused a few problems. I've had nothing to wear. Not a nothing to wear, might need to buy something even though the wardrobe is full, nothing to wear. A genuine there are no clothes for this climate in my bag, nothing to wear. I bought some long shorts on my first day with my limited Caymanian dollars and I've lived in not quite professional enough to wear to a new job clothes ever since. Luckily I'd packed two pairs of presentable trousers and a couple of cardigans.

I had bought a lovely cocktail dress before I left, knowing that there would be functions for me to attend. I attended one of those last night, a black tie affair at the Ritz. It was a lovely night out, in a borrowed dress. Luckily I had one pair of flashish shoes and Jo had a dress that fitted me. It was a really nice, high necked long number. The Caymanian women love to dress up, love a good do according to the lovely Jennifer who sat next to me. And dress up they did, beautiful dresses and shoes, updos and the works. My cocktail dress would have been okay, the gold one more suited. Well, if I'd had the choice of these. Maybe Monday. There is a saying here that is about all in good time, I laugh when I hear it.

Sorry, went out today to get my hair done so didn't take my camera. I'm off on a round the island drive tomorrow so photos will follow, promise.

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