Thursday, 5 May 2011

Moving day

Today I got the key, tomorrow I move in to 6 Southern Skies. Very appropriate for this grandma from down under. It's a spacious, two story town house with an upstairs balcony and a nice private outdoor area. All things that sold it to me. I also managed to get a 6 month lease so that gives me time to look around and see what else is out there with no pressure. Like most places, the real estate industry is depressed here so the prices have dropped. Good timing on my part, good timing in that it's almost the rainy season so I'll get to experience that and see how the place I'm in fares.

I'm also getting my car tomorrow. All things have been delayed because of the struggle to get a bank account and then getting my pay cheque cleared for use. The ladies at the HSBC bank helped me to get it all organised, with some stress and delays and a heart stopping moment when the machine swallowed up my only source of money, my UAE card. The ladies released the card, I now have an account and could get the money needed to finalise all the deals I had outstanding.

My battery is about to die so will finish this later, internet and power supply permitting.

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