Sunday, 29 May 2011

An excellent day

Midnight, time for bed. What an excellent day, one that could be my happy place for a while. I slept in so thoughts of the farmers market and the breakfast invite went out the window. The sun was streaming into my bedroom so being out the window was a really good option. After a restful breakfast and a little cleaning, Jo and her dad arrived.

She was taking Mayhem out for a sail, yes please I'd love to come. It was really hot here at 10am, hot and muggy so we had quite a sweat up by the time Mayhem was launched and we were heading out into the channel that leads to deep enough water. Once out, we sailed around in the relative shelter inside the reef. I was the main sail trimmer, we all had a job. It was a first for me, the other times I've been out I've been a decoration or more likely ballast. It was fun, especially as the wind picked up and there was plenty to do. We tacked and launched the jib, getting the lingo right, and off we went.

Jo was very patient, the ropes are different colours so she told me which ones to pull, where and when to pull them and why so I was learning what to watch for. Did I mention it was fun? I love being in and on the sea, luckily this time we stayed above the waves and made to safely back to the Yacht Club for a nice cold one. We certainly needed it, hot work that sailing. Hotter still cleaning and stowing Mayhem safely.

By the time I got home I was a bit burnt, a bit dehydrated and sticky from the salt spray and hungry. Got the food and drink done and then managed to catch Noah and Tim on Skype. He is such a cool little boy. He knows how Skype works now so we managed a bit of a chat and he showed me his truck and other toys. He's so active, running everywhere and really busy. Oh and did I mention very, extremely yummy.

After a swim in the complex pool, I headed off and got some groceries, not usually a favourite occupation of mine but this time it was okay. The local mangoes are ready so I got a few along with some cherry chocolate and orangeade in an interesting bottle. Okay so I like impractical shopping in a supermarket that's still a novelty. I wandered home, poured a cold one and Skyped with Kez, Sasi and Eve. She's a bit little to understand, 3 weeks now. So small and gorgeous.

Then I got Nick, the trifecta. So I've talked to all the kids and Lyn and Kerry at Burleigh Heads as well so a very good day. I can't wait to go and visit everyone in person. I fly to Brisbane on June 9 to meet my new granddaughter so not long to wait. For now, I best get to bed. I'm off snorkeling tomorrow at Cemetery Beach with my new kit, weather permitting. 

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