Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cayman Brac

I went to another tropical island today, flew over in a pedro the baby plane. Pedro the baby plane was a character in one of my kids story books. He won me a quiz question once so I always think of him struggling to fly over Aconcagua in a storm whenever I have to climb into a plane that only seats a few.

Today's Pedro was a de Havilland DHC6 Twin Otter. Truly a baby plane, I thought as I ducked my petite frame to clamber over legs while finding a seat. The plane was full, there were no seat numbers. There was a wonderful view of the island as we took off and flew over my place, actually we could see pretty much the whole island even though we were flying quite low.

Getting on the plane was interesting. My only other experience of Owen Roberts Airport was flying in at night, jet lagged and not sure what to do next as I arrived for the first time in the Caymans. Today the airport looked a little more friendly. What I didn't realise was that there is only one departures lounge and it's for international and island hoppers. So through I went, not realising this, not realising that they were quite serious about security.

I must have asked quite a few times, "I'm just flying to the Brac, are you sure I have to go through there?" Yes I did it seems, so off I went though security. Those in front lost their water, I chose to keep my tea in my bag. It was in a camouflaged travel cup, no one could see it as it blended in to the mess that was my bag. Or so I thought. An alarm went off, much like the one on Monsters Inc, when my bag went  through the xray. I was taken aside, "But I'm only going to the Brac" I said wistfully, innocently.

I tipped out my tea, returned my cup to my bag, carried the cup through the standing xray much to the horror of the security staff. Too late, the lady snatched my cup, put it back through machine shaking her head and off I went. And guess who got bomb checked? That would be me. I suspect I had been highly amusing to those watching as the man who checked my bags laughed when I said I just wanted my morning cuppa and I was only going to the Brac. At least he appreciated my early morning humour.

I landed safely on Cayman Brac after flying over another island I found out was Little Cayman. It is little, the Brac is not that much bigger but certainly had more interesting terrain. There is a high bluff, a cliff with caves that I could imagine pirates stowing their loot in. It would be great to explore on a mountain bike, not sure if Pedro could fit mine in his hold.

I can certainly see why the Brackers enjoy living there, it's beautiful and temperate and interesting. You can even travel over to Little Cayman by boat or plane to visit the lovely beaches there. I got to land there on the way back. I had a great day out, being driven around and visiting all I had to visit, a day of meeting new people and seeing a new place, not a bad day really. Thanks Brackers for my warm welcome, I'll be back again soon I'm sure.

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