Monday, 16 May 2011

Catching up or reflections on my new place

I so wanted this date on my blog! No such luck. I’m struggling to get access to my blog. The work computer’s setting won’t allow me to access from there, I have no internet at home now. That story is below.

This is the date I write about work. I love my new job, I enjoy the challenges involved and my ability to work at a higher level than I have for a while. I especially enjoy my team, three women dedicated to the improvement of early years education in their community, women who know the successful future of their culture depends on providing a quality education system for their children. It’s motivating to work alongside them to achieve this, motivating that they are so keen to get started. The time is right.

Working with them I felt the ripples of history. My history, my herstory. I have plenty of dejavue  moments, I feel like I know these women so well, know their stories as they raise their families while making change within their community. Next week we make our introductory visits, I’m so looking forward to getting out and about. The plan for change has begun. The context is understood, now we need to motivate others to come on board. The time is right, the people are right. Watch this space. 

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