Sunday, 1 May 2011

A quick update

I am now the proud owner of four current drivers licenses. Getting a Caymanian one was surprisingly easy, just a queue to negotiate. Having everything in English makes life really easy. The photo is even okay. The young man behind the counter wasn't sure if I was joking when I asked him to take 10 years off in the birthdate area.

I've now moved from the Sunshine Suites and am staying with a lovely family out at South Shore. Kim and Brad are friends with Jo so have welcomed me temporarily into their family. Their son Jon and dog Sulli have been fun to play with. Jon is 18 months old, full of beans and loves to dance. He really enjoyed listening to my iPod, not at all shy of this grandmother. Kim and Brad are also from the colonies, Canadian so some of the good folks.

We went to the beach yesterday, swimming here is lovely the sea is so clear and the air temperature perfect to lay about in the sun. I'm looking forward to not living out of my suitcase and getting me carpets down in my new place. I'm hoping that's all going ahead as there's plenty of room for visitors and it's across road from a swimming beach. We also went to the local farmers market, bingo a place to buy fresh local fruit and vege, herds, fish and yummy cup cakes and coffee. I even got myself a woven Caymanian bag to carry my shopping in. Might just be my regular Saturday morning haunt.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jules, sounds like you're having a fab time and are settling in. Glad it's going well for you.

Miss u tho xxx

Jule's Short Story said...

Yes, settling in just fine. Missing you guys heaps too, sometimes I think wow Rau would love this. The farmers market was one place! Catch up soon xxx