Friday, 18 March 2011

My car

Okay, so I thought selling my car would be easy. Well in one way it is, I've had plenty of calls after posting the ad late last night. The issue is that to sell to a person outside of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, I need to export it. Yes, export it to Dubai or any other Emirate. I somehow thought that I'd just get Al Ain people wanting to buy, not so I've had calls from all over. It's been difficult wheeling and dealing, I'm a bit rusty not that I was ever any good on negotiating when it comes to money.

So far I've had three acceptable offers, one I'm following through with as he seems reasonable. I want my car to go to a good home, to someone who will look after it. I've got a little over 4 weeks left here so I'm sure all will be well. I'm in the process of choosing what to take and what to leave. I have very little to sort really.

Some time later I write. I have a sale for my car to the reasonable man. I've got the paperwork underway and hopefully on Sunday bye bye Fortuna hello small rental for my last month and some money in the bank. I will be sad to say goodbye, it's been a great car and suited my purposes here very well. I suspect that my bike may be enough in my new place, for a while at least.

As part of the paperwork I had to check my fines. I sat with my breath held, I've not been very careful lately and have travelled many kilometers since my last check in September last year. The lady laughed at my face when she told me the grand figure of zero, that's 0 fines. She checked my license too, nothing there either. I think I'll spend the money I had ear marked for fines on shoes, should buy a few pairs and the odd matching handbag. 

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