Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Liwa photos

Here are some more photos from our Liwa trip. We stopped at a camel farm and met the trainer and his newest addition. The fort at Liwa is very well restored and worth a clamber around and the last one is Sue of the desert. She believes it's just over there..... shows the vastness of the dunes and it was the same in both directions.

I've had an amazingly productive day, considering I watched the cricket for the afternoon and evening. The semi final was worth watching, a distraction as I sorted, wrote reports, saved files for another, cleaned and packed. Things are moving, the piles getting sorted into bags and the no longer needed filling the skip outside. I waved as the truck came and emptied it today.

I've also managed, with the help of the men at Computercare who I now know love Macs, to get my external hard drive working. We all held our breath as they deleted all from the drive to begin again. I'm not sure who was most relieved that it worked. I have backed up the Mac and deleted some of the files that were making it so slow, transfered them to free up some room. It makes a difference.

I've decided after some investigations that I need an iPad2. Friends have told me this before about the iPhone, I think this would meet my needs far better. I don't like traveling with my Mac. It's heavy and I would hate to lose or damage it, an iPad would give me the same functions at a fraction the weight. I had a play in Dubai and love the case with the small keyboard, very useful to me writing my stories as I travel. And I've got my next travels organised, the UK with Di for five days, photos and stories will surely follow. 

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