Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The list

There are ticks on my to do list, quite a few actually. My car is now fixed, a new bumper that looks shiny, the car also shiny as the crew at Toyota cleaned it very well. I couldn't believe that I dropped it on Saturday evening with the promise it would be 3 or 4 days and today it was ready, excellent service. I had hired a Hertz car, again with excellent service, as I didn't know where I was based this week. Turned out it was in town so the car got very little use. And it was a car, interesting driving a small car after the Fortuna. I felt much better tonight driving through town, you get respect in a 4wd in this place!

Toyota also gave me a ball park figure to sell my lovely car at. It's about what I thought, Toyota's hold their value but I felt a wrench as he said the words and offered to buy it off me at a lower price with a smile. I don't really get attached to things, a car is a car, but this one is a bit special. My first new car and the first one I have bought for myself, by myself. I have two people interested in buying, need to get to them tomorrow so we get the process started. another tick off the list and me relegated to a car for a while.

Speaking of lists, I watched an inspiring movie on Thursday night when I should have been out socialising. The Bucket List is the story of two unlikely friends linked by a destiny neither have chosen. It's a heart warming and at times funny story, had me laughing and admiring the two as they went through their adventures. It also made me sad that my father didn't have such adventures when he was sick. We did try, Egypt was on his bucket list. I still have to go there, soon. I only have six weekends, five really, before I leave so will have to plan some trips to see the rest of this place. Shame that there is unrest in so many places. I'm not sure when I'll be back, although I'm very sure I will be.

The pics are from an afternoon out showing a new friend around Al Ain. The fort is at the start of Hili Oasis and the tomb is an ancient one form the Hili archaeological park. There is an exhibition at Al Jahili Fort on the ancient history of this place, the excavations and discoveries at Hili are a big part of that history. 

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