Monday, 28 March 2011


Home the movie is on YouTube. It's quite stunning to see so much of our world from just above. I didn't get to finish watching it, tonight's mission if I can stay awake for more than 30 minutes. The movie has a message, one of care and conservation. I'll give my opinion on this when I've engaged with it fully rather than through dozing eyes. I've been very tired this week, a catch up from the frenetic past few weeks I suspect.

I can relax a bit, so maybe I am. The freighting companies have come to look at my goods; my car is sold; I have offers on other items from friends; I'm sorting out my work documents to hand over to the person taking my place, as well as throwing out masses of paper. I'm not someone who prints a whole lot so that's surprising. My computers are on the plan for today, the work one first. I really just need to pack, to sort what's coming in my suitcase with my 23kg allowance and what's going in the freight pile.

Back to the freight companies. I had the phone calls, the usual ones here. I got them, from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, to go to the Rotana. Easy, not really it took a few calls back and forth. From there it went:
'Where do you live?'
'In Al Jahili, past the Rotana Hotel and Al Jahili Fort, left at Megamart, third street on the right. I'll wait at the corner for you.'
'I'm at Megamart at the back, where are you?'
'Okay, so you are at Megamart, on the back street. Go down the street to a T intersection then turn left and first right go straight and I'll meet you at the corner'
A bit later. 'I'm at the big mosque. Is it near there?'
'Mmmmm no, the mosque needs to be behind you with Megamart on your left, go down the street to a T intersection then turn left and first right go straight and I'll meet you at the corner'
It took a while, there was a hint of panic creeping into his voice, but eventually I saw two smiling Indian men, looking obviously relieved, in a small pick up with a sticker stating their freight company on the door.

The same sort of conversation occurred with the next man who just happened to phone at the same time as I saw the first lot coming towards me. I can't multitask that well so I got the second one to wait. He was nice about that.

They both came, both looked happily at the furniture until I said, Well I'm taking that cushion and those books. Nothing else madam? Nothing else, mmm except maybe that very small table. It was the same in all the other rooms. One commented that I should use my freight allowance as I wouldn't get much selling what I was leaving. It's not mine you see, I informed him. I suspect he was a bit grumpy about having to come to Al Ain for such a small quote, he did say this and then quickly followed up with, it's nice to be out of the office for the afternoon.

The upside for me, there is so little they are quoting air freight so I'll have everything when I arrive. That's what I want. There is nothing that I'm sending via freight that I won't need in the first few weeks, most in the first few days. There's plenty of work stuff and of course my only form of transport. I suspect my bike will get some good exercise in Georgetown and surrounds, it looks a beautiful place to ride.

So the plan for now is to get the piles sorted. The throw, give away, sell, freight, take piles. My spare room is the place for this. It looks a mess right now, and maybe will for a week or so, but I'm on the way to being on the way. Another job for today is to book a car for the UK and some accommodation for Di and I. Then there will be more ticks off the list.

Moving is just like eating an elephant: You have to do it one bite at a time. My elephant will be eaten on time, in plenty of time. 

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