Monday, 21 February 2011

What to do

Leaving a job can be stressful, negotiating the next position and moving country takes time. It's the small stuff that tends to get to me, the details. Job one today is to write the list I keep in my head on paper so I can tick off the jobs as they're done. I did my police clearance check yesterday so that's a big one ticked off.

Leaving the UAE there seems to be a lot of paperwork. Without that all completed I can't leave so I do need to get everything sorted out. Selling the car, closing my bank accounts, canceling my residency, sending all that's needed to my new employers and giving back all that's needed to my current employers. I have a flat to pack up, freight to organise and friends to say goodbye to, not a final goodbye because I'm not very good at that. Just a masalama, see you when you come and visit me or when I'm back over this way or in your home country.

So the day begins, well it began at the call to prayer, my morning alarm that I will miss, with my head full of thoughts and ideas and the need to write a to do list. Guess I kind of just have.

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