Friday, 25 February 2011

Images of Christchurch

The photos and video clips are distressing, heartbreaking, a once beautiful city in ruins. A city of parks, hill walks, excellent coffee and restaurants, old stone buildings to remind us of the past, new buildings showing progress. Most importantly a place of people living their lives. Working, loving, families with children privileged to grow up in this place. A place where my family are beginning to pick up the pieces. They are all safe and well, thankfully. Their stories telling me the close calls they had, seconds in the balance between safety and damage.

My heart goes out to those waiting the long wait to hear about their loved ones. Hoping beyond hope as hope fades that they will be found alive. My sympathy goes out to those who have had their losses confirmed. My thanks go out to those in the front line, especially those who have come from overseas to support New Zealand in these days of need. The police and search and rescue teams doing a tough job in stressful conditions. I only hope the reports I've just seen of more massive after shocks don't lead to any more death and destruction.

My city will look very different next time I see it so here are some photos I took on past trips.

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