Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Catching my breath

I'm back. I've been in my cave trying to make sense of all that is happening in Christchurch and the wider world. I tend to do that, focus inwardly, when things get tough. I take some time to reflect away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, living my work and then getting time out. I've returned to the gym, looking in the mirror was not such a happy event so decided action was needed. I really enjoy the head space that exercise gives me.

I need the head space because there is such a lot going on. I've written my to do list and am ticking things off this long list. My police check is done and getting translated, my medical check happens on Wednesday and other documentation is underway. Such a lot to do. Tonight is a quiet one, pumpkin risotto cooked with brown rice and an early night. The risotto took ages, it was worth it. Totally delicious and enough for two meals, a bonus of living alone. I find cooking relaxing, music, fresh ingredients and an uncritical audience of one with a nice red in hand, perfect.

The weekend, may it roll around quickly, should also be a quiet one with the highlight happening at around 5am my time on Saturday. Noah is getting christened in Christchurch. The place this was supposed to happen is unserviceable so it's now happening at home and I'll hopefully manage to join them via skype. I can't wait to see everyone. It's hard to believe that Noah is one this week, it seems like he's been part of our family forever. A sunny, happy little boy who is loved by everyone. The invitation is on my fridge, a collage of photos that bring me joy every time I'm in the kitchen. Happy birthday habibi, big kisses from grandma.

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