Wednesday, 23 February 2011

And the earth shakes again

The scenes from home are horrific, I can't imagine the terror as Christchurch shakes again. My family are safe, I hope they leave the city soon before there are more shakes. It's horrible being away from home at times like this. Horrible not knowing what's really going on. The news reports and TV clips are not comforting. My heart goes out to those who are trapped and those who have lost their loved ones. Buildings and things can be replaced, people can't. Lets hope the morning, New Zealand time, brings some good news and that the shaking stops. Kia kaha, thinking of you all.


Di Mackey Photography said...

Sands smsed me at 3am, to let me know. It would have been a panic if I had woken up to the scenes they are showing on tv.
I checked up with friends who have horses and a farm, they can't get home from the city but both are safe. And another friend had just moved into her new home, and eventually she popped up on FB and answered all of her worried friends.
It looks like hell, doesn't it ... in places. We've been through bigger earthquakes back home but deeper and not in the city after a so many aftershocks and that other big one.
I thought of you but left you in peace, as I imagined you needing to phone home and/or check in and check up. Hugs from Belgium xx

Jule's Short Story said...

Yes, it was horrific waking up to see my beautiful city so devastated. I'm afraid I completely lost it. I managed to get to the kids and talked to them via skype last night, so good to actually see they were okay. Noah seems to take it in his stride. I'm not sure I want to look at any more pics, Tim had a lucky escape then had to run through the city to get home, traumatic with all the bodies and devastation. Talk soon xxxx