Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A nice evening

Work has kicked in well and truly. The early starts, non stop days and late finishes with the drive into the desert means I have little time and energy for much else. Jane and I have managed to enjoy this spell of cooler weather and go for walks in late afternoon. Actually it's a bit chilly for me at the moment. I even wore my boots to work the other day along with a merino jumper.

The mornings are chilly, chilly enough for me to go and buy a cosy red dressing gown to wear first thing. I happen to be wearing it now but don't tell anyone. It's just so soft and warm. I tried for a hot water bottle tonight, I may as well of been speaking a foreign language, wait yep I was actually speaking a foreign language to the workers at the local Carrefore supermarket. My description left them wondering, trying to find something similar to no avail. They were highly amused when I told them of the purpose. I suspect they thought I was a little crazy.

I also went to a very special baby shower tonight. Hana and Phil are having a baby soon and they are both over the moon. Pam and Rabih already have their gorgeous Liam so they hosted. It was lovely to get together with some old friends and talk about our Thursday afternoons at the Rotana, something we haven't done for a while. It was just great to catch up as life has been really busy lately and I've not had time. It was also fantastic to eat Rabih's famous chocolate pie, a yummy very chocolaty pie that's become quite famous in the baby shower circle.

We've decided we should have an evening out, maybe at the soccer, opps I mean football, game between Australia and the UAE tomorrow night. That sounds like fun. I will, of course, be cheering for the UAE. I'll also take my camera so shots may just follow.

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