Sunday, 2 January 2011

Home to my other home

It's 5.36am and here I sit, writing while listening to the call to prayer, usually my back up alarm. I have missed this punctuation to my day, the call that reminds me of the parts to my day. It makes me feel at home, this rhythmic chant welcoming the men to the mosque, the women to pray. If I look out my window now I'll see my neighbours heading down the road, chatting in small groups.

I had the novelty of being driven from the airport so could look around at the countryside, the ever changing scenery that are the road works on the Dubai to Al Ain road. I was amazed to see how much more had been completed while I was away, amazed at the sights on the way I had not been able to enjoy because of the barriers but mostly because of having to keep my eyes on the road.

The trip back was pleasant, I upgraded with my air points and enjoyed being able to lie down and sleep for a bit. I got off the plane, saw some friends and a new one I had made while getting my upgrade, we shared a taxi together. It was no problem because we were all going in the same direction. When I got home I wandered off to the local supermarket and didn't get very far before being hailed by Christine and then Gilly came along and, just like our neighbours, we stood around chatting outside the shops.

Then it was time to join others at one of the local hotels for a buffet lunch complete with as much smoked salmon as I could eat, profiteroles, chocolate mousse, a hot lobster dish, turkey and all the trimmings. There was also free flowing bubbly. There were two large tables, we knew the others there as well so it was a very social time, all of us catching up on the holiday news. I tried to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon but at 5 I gave up and twelve hours later I feel ready to tackle the day.

I didn't expect it to be so cold when I arrived, luckily I was dressed for the plane cold so was okay. My flat was freezing, it's my first winter upstairs and the flats are colder for some reason. I suspect I may have to buy a small heater and a hot water bottle is top of the list, it's not quite electric blanket cold. So it's off to work I go, out to the one of small towns as the sun rises over the desert. Hopefully there will be a camel or two, wandering. Must jump in the shower or I'll be late.

PS Happy new year!

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