Saturday, 15 January 2011

The fine print

Further to the policeman story. I'd heard a few stories about fine getting bigger and black points meaning people lose their license so I thought I'd better get one of my teachers to translate my ticket. She looked really concerned, did you hurt someone? Hit them in your car? She asked.

No, why? It seems that 8 black points are a lot to earn on one go, I'm a bit afraid how many more I have from my las ticket and how many more I need to lose my license. But wait there's more. The fine print also said that if I hadn't gone to the fines place and paid, after the month of the offense the fine gets 10dhs a day added to it, a day! I did a quick calculation and if I'd left it until my registration time it would have ben about 4000dhs. Worth the drive across town then a job for today.

She couldn't see where a cost had been listed so that might be a bit of a surprise as well. When I told her what I actually did, she was highly amused and suggested I talk to the man at the fines place to see what he could about reducing the points and the fine. Will do.

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