Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Jane has organised our exercise programme for the week. An oasis walk and home via the fruit and vege market on Sunday, my choice of exercise; Tai Chi on Monday; Zumba on Tuesday; pilates on Wednesday and one arm weight training at the Rotana on Thursday. Which of these activities do I enjoy?

Well, Zumba tonight had me using more f words in one sentence than I have in a while, Tammy was amused. I managed to avoid the leotard and the associated aerobics classes all through the '90s, what on earth was I thinking agreeing to this form of torture that makes aerobics look civilised. All that grinding of hips and gyrating. The crowning glory was when I tried one move and ended up slipping and almost doing the splits instead of shaking my bits in an impossible way. A sneaky look around showed that others were suffering as well, cold comfort.

Jane said it was just that I couldn't do it well the first time, it was indeed my first time. Very true, I'm a poor loser. If I can't do things well the first time I give up, am I that shallow? Maybe. I did give Tai Chi a second go. It's a bit slow for me, a bit needing to know your left from right and be coordinated. I will persevere, I've paid in advance.

Pilates is okay. I get to lie on the floor and wave my legs about, I can manage that. I'm not sure why my stomach muscles were a bit sore after. I must be doing something right. I think I could actually do pilates, succeed at it. It's not yoga but it will do. I so miss yoga. I miss my yoga friends as much as the exercise. Our instructor and his family had a bad car accident and their world has very much changed.

The one armed weight training while relaxing with friends, that's my sort of exercise. Sitting outside on the balcony overlooking the pool chatting and relaxing is an important part of the week. This weekend promises to be a quiet one, unlike last weekend. I'm off to Abu Dhabi on Saturday to finally meet Natia in person, I can't wait to show her the sights and maybe get some pics to add here. It's been a while since I was out and about in Abu Dhabi so watch this space.

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