Sunday, 19 December 2010

Where in the world....

I'm in Christchurch, well Oxford just out of Christchurch to be exact. It's a little different to Oxford in the UK, slightly smaller and very peaceful. The Canterbury weather is true to form, 33 yesterday and chilly and wet today. It was lovely to hear rain on the roof, a novelty for this desert dweller.

The trip over was great, yes really. The journey of around 25 hours went surprisingly quickly. Where can you find a menu that would grace the finest of restaurants, service where everyone knows your name, unlimited drinks, interesting company, a comfy seat that turns into a bed and a big screen TV with good movies? That would be Emirate's business class, courtesy of an upgrade. I'm going to do it hard if I have to travel cattle class on the way back so I've put it out to the universe that I want more of the same on the return trip.

The very best thing about traveling in style is that I arrived rested and full of energy, needed when visiting a lively 10 month old. Noah is stunning, that is his grandma talking I know but it's true. He's a busy wee boy, crawling around, standing up and doing chin ups on the table when he wants what's up there. He's also very gorgeous, people say so all the time so it's not just me.
It was so lovely being able to lay on the floor and play with him, to bath him and see him off to bed. He's also a really good baby, sleeping and eating well and growing fast. A settled, happy, well loved little boy. I hope to get to spend lots of time with him, Tim and Sarah, to enjoy his first Christmas.

I'm heading to town soon to go shopping, finally doing my Christmas shopping. I suspect the city will be a bit crazy but from most accounts the Christmas rush has been quiet this year, possibly due to the year Christchurch has had. Driving through the streets yesterday I was amazed at the damage, streets still blocked of and empty lots where there used to be some lovely character buildings. It was difficult to keep my eyes on the road.

Right now I need to get moving, I've got an appointment with a small boy and his mum and dad. Photos will hopefully follow.


Bart said...

Hey Miss Jules,

Still following your journey's.
I really hope you will have a good time with your family.
Finally back in Belgium with the family.Great feeling!
Today it's lazy sunday,lot's of snow and ice cold.Yesterday we went a snow ride,for Christmas markets and some winter clothes.
In the evening I prepared a lovely cheese fondue with lots of wine!
The evening ended with a family movie with everybody in the sofa,including the dog!
Regards,Bart,Nadia,Isabeau and Inez

Jule's Short Story said...

Hey Bart.
Sounds like you're having just what you needed, some good family time. A bit envious about the white Christmas! I'm enjoying some excellent NZ wine, the choice of many is a treat.
Take care. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Jules hope you hae an ab fab time at home. Really homesick at the mo! boo.

Snowboarding will be awesome.

Merry xmas and have a great new year xx


Jule's Short Story said...

Oh no, nothing like some chilly weather and holidays to make one feel a bit like needing to be home. I think you had a lucky escape with the air travel like it is.
I'm so enjoying catching up with everyone, Callie sends her love.
Enjoy your white Christmas Kimmy, lets talk next week.
Take care xxxxxx