Thursday, 23 December 2010

Some home time

It's been a hectic few days catching up with people, some by phone others in person, some to make a date for next week. I've spent as much time as I can with Tim, Sarah and Noah. Noah's beginning to light up as I walk into the room, pleased to see this funny person who sits on the floor playing with him and steals kisses when she can.

Today we had lunch at Vic's Cafe, a place that has lovely smoothies and hunza pies, tasty New Zealand pies. When I walked in Noah looked at me, a bit quizzically but with a big grin, then looked at Sarah as if to say, she's here too how can that be. We had fun eating lunch with the fingers boy, he's really quick at grabbing things he's not supposed to.

I've been really enjoying having some time here, the summer weather helps. I've been tying up some loose ends and am looking forward to having things settled and sorted, a weight off my mind. The weather has been very interesting, just as it has been worldwide judging by the news reports. We've had very strong, hot winds then some rain then more winds. Colder this time. Driving back to Oxford from Christchurch, I spotted this rainbow so got out and in the cold rain to get a photo.

Tomorrow I hope to have more of an at home day so will hopefully catch up a bit on my writing, I have another one for Oasis Living due soon, and sorting my photos. I'm also looking forward to a sleep in.


Di said...

Reads a bit delicious. I do believe that when I finally get home again, I will cry, a lot. I miss home :-) Enjoy it for me xx and hug that mother of yours.

Jule's Short Story said...

Yes, I suspect you should enjoy a southern summer very soon. You will be surprised at how it is here, different by degrees on each of my visits.
I talked to Sandra last night, great to have a catch up. Worked on convincing her to come and visit us :)
Auntie Coral sends her love and a big hug back.
Merry white Christmas to you all xxxx

teamcoultonoe said...

Hi Julie - Merry Christmas - enjoy your time in NZ with whanau. Amy & Andrew are over for Christmas s they have done all the present buying and food sorting - nice but expensive!! Thats what kids are for - loving and maxing out your credit card! Love Lyn & Kerry

Jule's Short Story said...

Hey Lyn and Kerry.

Merry Christmas! Fantastic you the kids over, know what you mean about expensive. As Jane would say, the limit on your credit card is a target not a limit :)

Take care and we'll catch up soon.

Jules :)