Thursday, 30 December 2010

Last night in NZ

Well, the time has flown. After the Christmas rush and catching up with as many people as I could, tomorrow I fly home to Al Ain. I had a lovely day with Annie today at Sumner Beach, walking up the Whitewash Heads track then down again for a yummy coffee and toasted sandwichs. Seems like all I've done is eat, eat, eat and have the occasional vino. Like with Keri and Shirley last night.

We had a dinner catch up and are working on a get together at Lyn and Kerry's in Australia next winter, southern winter that is. I'm feeling sad to be leaving Noah when him and I are just getting to know each other. He beams when he sees me, loves to play on the floor and squeal with delight as he walks around the furniture. I hope to see much more of him on Skype, soon.

The photos are of the New Zealand Christmas tree the pohutukawa, lovely red flowers that are more common in the north; Annie smiling because she could sit down after climbing the steep hill; and the view of the beach and estuary with the city behind, a hazy view on a lazy day.

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