Friday, 10 December 2010

The drought

I don't know when I've had such a writing drought before, it's lasted a while too. I've just been so busy at work and socially. There's been heaps on, the Dubai 7's last weekend and this weekend I'm racing in my work team at the Dubai Dragon Boat Festival. I think I'm going to need all the down time that happens on the long flight from Dubai to Christchurch, that is if I actually get packed in time to go.

I've had comments so best I spend at least some of this weekend catching up. Just a quick last night story before I do. Gillie, Tammy and I went to Buraimi last night to go antique shopping. The shop I usually go to was not up to it's usual standards. We pottered in there for while before deciding to give up and go home. Three disappointed ladies headed for the border. We spotted the souk on the way and decided, why not.

I thought the man who was waving his hands when I was parking was telling me not to, not so. He was guiding me into the park. And so it went, we caused a bit of a furor wandering through the dark market with the brightly lit fruit and vege stalls. The men called out to us to come and buy their fruit and veg, we just smiled.

Then we found some dark and dingy junky shops, one in particular having some treasures. Tammy bought frankincense and a burner as a present. It smells wonderful and is one the smells of Christmas, wise men brought it so it must be good. Gillie found the necklace of her dreams, a traditional Omani design and a cool old walking stick.

Well the man in the shop said it was old when she asked. The only other customers, a local couple laughed and said that is was about 30 days old. We had a giggle, the shop keeper looked sheepish and Gillie bought a walking stick with a story. The fruit and vege man who helped me park lured us into his shop and I went home with some yummy watermelon and grapes from Iraq as well as some kumara.

We were wandering back to the car when we heard a boy yelling out to us. His mum was in the shop and looked at us, apologising. We just smiled and called his bluff, going over to the car. He was so funny, looking very embarrassed but we got to talk to the rest of his family, a very cute one year old as well as numerous other children. So very friendly. Their mum came over and we had a quick chat before we all went on our way.

The border crossing both ways was done with a cheery smile, no dramas. Last night I went shopping in another country, I never tire of saying that. Oh and I brought fruit and vege over the border, something I would be arrested for in my country. The watermelon was delicious tasting of sunshine and beach holidays.

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