Monday, 27 December 2010

The aftermath

Well that's that for another year, peace and quiet reigns after a social few days. Number 2 son got his flights a bit muddled so only had two days with us, the early morning airport run getting me out of bed too soon. The little one was still willing after days of attention, smiley and cuddly and wanting to play. There was another earthquake or several in the night, one that woke me with aftershocks that rocked me back to sleep. How blase one gets in such a short time.

The Boxing Day shopping, a day of sport for many keen shoppers, was rudely interrupted at about 10.30 with a good shake. The town was cordoned off as glass and bricks fell into the streets. The most amazing thing was that the shocks were centred in the Christchurch CBD and surrounds, very shallow quakes that sent people scrambling and put the emergency services on high alert. Fortunately no one was injured, quite a surprise as we all stopped to look.

The two photos are of the firemen surveying the latest damage and my former local shopping centre, the best fish n chips came from one of those shops with some lovely gifts for special occasions from another. The chemist survived, for now anyway.

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