Friday, 24 September 2010

A busy week

I've been a bit busy this week, flying from one thing to another and not getting much time at home. That's good on a lot of levels but tiring, especially all the driving. I'm still driving out into the country every day and although it is a bit a drive, I love the ever changing scenes. The camels wandering the dunes, the way the morning light falls on the orange dunes, the men working on the roads, the fast drivers who pass in blind spots. Well, I don't like that last one, I can see why there are so many accidents on that road. I don't get to stop, it's too dangerous or I'm in a hurry to be somewhere else.

Today I'm off to Abu Dhabi to dragon boat practice. Yes, in a moment of weakness, and some peer pressure, I signed up for our company's dragon boat team. Will keep you posted on how that goes! Today I'm learning the art of paddling in unison. A life lesson surely. I am taking my camera, hopefully my car load will also want to sightsee, so photos may follow. My camera's been quiet this week too, daylight hours are required to get the shots I want.

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