Sunday, 19 September 2010

Another Saturday night

I'm totally shattered, something to do with a big gym session so I can lose those holiday pounds. So my trousers meet in the middle again and my skirts reach the ground. I'm hurting in places where I didn't know I had muscles! I'm using a personal trainer, she should call it torture training, sigh. She's really, really good and keeps me going with some interesting exercises. Variety keeps me from being bored by exercise.

I got back from the gym starving, as you do, and found a bag of chips in the cupboard. I deserved them, really. After the first soggy crunch I dug through the bag to see if the staleness had reached the middle, it had. Yes they had been opened for too long. Into the bin they went, I even had the cheek to feel a little virtuous.

My car went in for it's 20000 km service today, I chose to wait because if you go the hour service can take all day. I had things to do, places to go, people to see, so I took a good book and read and people watched. It was fun, one man was exploding about something, not sure what because it was all in Arabic. I did pick out words like car, and given we were at the car service place, I assumed he wasn't happy about something to do with his car.

I've got at least another two weeks of the exciting drive out of town, through the lovely desert dunes to the country schools. I love the drive but lets hope the fog stays away this week. Roll on next weekend, hopefully it won't be as busy as this one's been and I can get some pool time.


Toemailer said...

Congrats on the discipline with the chips!

Jule's Short Story said...

Lol, they are my downfall. Best not to have them in the house!