Friday, 20 August 2010

Time to say goodbye....

Goodbye to Europe and the UK, hello to Dubai and then Al Ain. One of the good things about all the flying I do, my 'round the world trips' as a friend of mine calls them, is that I get to wait for planes in the Emirates lounges. This is a bonus as I get to use the down time for eating, sampling their wine and using the Internet. It's peaceful and there's always people watching if I have to wait too long.

Not today, I was at the airport early, checked in then tried to claim the tax for the good I'd purchased. Two things actually my camera and the flash bag I bought to transport that and my Mac. The queue was interminable. I waited with a lovely family from Ghana who really had had a world trip. The five year old boy found the wait trying so we chatted as you do with five year old boys. What a cute boy, gave me a run for my money with his questions. I suspect his mum was grateful.

After well over an hour, did I mention I don't do queues, I got to the front counter. Not sure I actually needed to be there as I had to take the paper for my camera through to customs while others were getting money in their hands. Go figure. Getting the twenty plus percent tax back made my camera a viable purchase so I suppose it was worth the wait, I just have to get the stamped receipt back to the shop. No worries, I'll just have to visit Di again.

She may not have me back as I suspect I broke her with all my chasing around. The wet outing to Paris possibly tipped the scales. Ops just been called for the plane....must go!!!


Di said...

Lol, you plonker. It was pure delight having you here and we're hoping you'll be back soon.
I owe you the apology. I thought that I was getting better - having imagined a timeframe for that summer cold however - it seems I was getting worse. Explains that nasty sore throat I had in Paris. Anyway, last two days in bed, much against my will and tonight I feel like I've turned a corner, although we've rocketed back up from what ... 14 celsius to 27. It's all a bit shocking but I think it was the heat outside rather than fever today :-)
Now, stay well so I don't have to do the guilty cousin thing. xx

Jule's Short Story said...

You are funny! I've got the sniffles, nothing a bit of vitamin C won't fix! OMG it got hot in Belgium, it was nice in London. Think I could live there, photos to follow xxx