Saturday, 28 August 2010

Special moments

I'm an avid people watcher and sometimes this gets me into trouble as other don't always appreciate being watched. Somehow having a camera legitimise this, well to some anyway. It's Ramadan here, no eating or drinking in public as our Muslim neighbours are fasting. There are no eating places open either so it's eat at home or fast too.

Rau and I were breaking our fast just after Iftar on Thursday night, buying some yummy falafal and chicken shwarmas. While we were waiting I was fascinated by the man through the window making thin, crepe like Egyptian bread, totally delicious with honey. I watched as he took the pre raised balls of dough and spread this pliable dough thinly over a soft pillow like pad. He then placed this onto the hot plate for a short time to cook.

He had a pile already made and we watched him make several more. I wasn't sure if he knew we were watching, I was thinking what a wonderful photo opportunity it would be, until he turned and smiled at us. He then gave one of his colleagues a freshly made bread and he passed it out the window to me. It was really hot so, still smiling, he gave me a bag to hold it with. Rau and I were starving so we wolfed it down, breaking our self imposed fast.

They looked on appreciatively. I got to thinking about just how many people live and work here in Al Ain. People from all over the world. People who are employed in the supermarkets, the food shops, the souq, the salons. People who are employed in schools and hospitals. I may just continue my people watching with my camera and get some shots of everyday life here. The everyday that we tend to overlook as we go to and from work.

Later this afternoon I hope to get to explore the Jimi Oasis with the Emirates Natural History Group, photos will follow if I do. Now I'm off to Toyota to book mine in for a service, fancy having done over 22000 kilometres in just under a year. I'm also going with Jane and David to see if they can get new Toyotas. Introductions help here.

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