Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Onwards from Wales

I arrived in London yesterday afternoon after a restful train trip, no need to worry about the speed limits on a train or directions. Paddington Station is huge so this slightly lost kiwi had to ask, not adverse to that, where the metro was. It seems that all metros are down stairs, many stairs, as is the loo at the station. I've visited the odd railway station on my travels and am always amazed to see people lugging bags up and down these steep steps or struggling to keep the bag upright on a packed escalator.

Yesterday I was lucky. I had two lovely people offer to help. My bag's a small one, I've learnt that you don't need to take a lot, and it's easy to drag. I suspect I look worthy of help, well the vain me says that the realistic one thinks I have a sign on my forehead, you could be my mum so I'll help you out. I've been pleasantly surprised at how friendly and helpful the people are here from those offering help with bags and directions to the coffee man who sold me a yummy bagette for lunch.

I got to East Putney negotiating the tube and met with Kim and Luke who kindly offered me a bed. We wandered out to dinner and had a lovely Thai meal sitting outside alongside the Thames. A fantastic green curry with a nice Pino Gregio, what more could I ask for. Today sightseeing is on the menu and then I'm on the Eurostar to Di and Gert's place. Can't wait to see everyone again and to sample some unique Belgian/kiwi hospitality.

The photos are of the Middle Eastern room and the library in Cardiff Castle and the Welsh dragon. No trip to Wales is complete without a picture of a dragon.

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