Thursday, 12 August 2010


There's something about London, a vibrancy, an excitement, a feeling of being overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells. Being overwhelmed by the crush of people all going in different directions and speaking different languages. Kim, Luke and I wandered around visiting the NZ and Australian war memorials. These were very different and reflected the arena's in which both countries had supported their Empire.

The New Zealand one is amazing, looks different from different angles. The white crosses on the top are supported by uniquely New Zealand stories and symbols. It was difficult to capture the whole of the memorial so I've included a piece here that I felt reflected it's meaning.

We wandered around Hyde Park, past Buckingham Palace to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to the horses standing guard. The rain fell and we retreated to the underground. I suspect the rain has followed me as it rained most days I was in the UK, a novelty to get some dampness.

With Kim's help, I negotiated my way to St Pancras Station and more stairs. The Eurostar is the way to travel, a very quick trip to Brussels then onto Antwerp where Di was patiently waiting for me. I was a little apprehensive about going under the channel in a tunnel but only realised I had, thanks to a good book, when I got the welcome to France text.

The photos are of Big Ben hiding in the trees; the Houses of Parliament; Kim and I with a London phone box (not exactly the Tardis); the change of the guards at Buckingham Palace and the NZ war memorial.

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