Monday, 23 August 2010

Further to my previous post

Well, what a treat flying from Heathrow was. A cold hand gripped my heart when my name was called over the speakers in the Emirates Lounge, I suspected I was about to miss the plane but no it was a call to the reception desk. The nice man, the very, very nice man took my boarding pass and handed me another with those lovely words.

"Here's your complimentary upgrade, enjoy." He smiled as he handed me a boarding pass for 9E instead of 22G. Traveling business class is a luxury I could get used to. I was thinking earlier in the day that I was wearing the wrong shoes for flying, my walking flats, so I was worried about not being able to touch the floor. The thought was fleeting, in business class there's no worries about this small issue. The seats recline complete with foot rest, luxury on a night flight.

Then there was the food and drinks, on tap with an excellent selection. I wanted the flight to go on longer but alas we landed. I got off the plane first, got my bags then headed to my car. Never any problems getting anywhere in the UAE on a Friday. The traffic was easy and in no time I was home in Al Ain.

Work began today, an interesting day spent sharing holiday stories in the breaks. Last night we watched the All Blacks win while enjoying some good company at the Rugby Club. We took some of the new people, my neighbours and others, with us. It's always good meeting new people, interesting traveling people. Things are getting back to normal. I know that soon my holiday will seem like a distant dream, I hope that's not too soon.

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