Saturday, 24 July 2010

Brunch mmmmm

I'm staying out in Oxford for a few days, out in the country close to the high hills. This morning there was snow but the intrepid photographer slept through the good, early morning light reflecting off the new whiteness. By the time I surfaced the cloud had lowered and all was hidden for the day. No worries, by the feel of things, a clear frosty day will mean some good shots tomorrow, fingers crossed.

We lunched in Christchurch today, a yummy brunch in true kiwi style. There were some nice sights and I captured a few shots of the garden city deep in winter. The bare trees, the gray sky, the chill wind and the warmth of the cafe contributing to a good day out. Noah joined us, he's such a cool little boy. He sat and watched us eat, he had had his after all and is not on grown up food yet. We got the four generation shot and I'll add this soon.

I'm now enjoying a nice warm fire with a crisp white and a big plate of roast yams and kumara. I'll need to do some serious gym time to knock off the extra pounds I've needed to add here to keep warm. The photos here are of the Bridge of Remembrance in the city centre, a NZ lion and a church turret on Madras Street.

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